IPC MD 200 Silent Hot Water High Pressure Washer


Heavy-duty, hot water, diesel, high pressure cleaner with noise reduction.

Recommended Sectors  – Automotive – Building – Industry

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  • Ruggerini RD 210 two-cylinder 20hp diesel engine with electric starter.
  • Double pass boiler.
  • Safety check-up on engine with indication of :

                                                                                 – no fuel;

                                                                                 – engine shutdown due to lack of lubrication/fuel

                                                                                 – inadequate battery charge

  • Swing covers to simplify maintenance.
  • Water output coupling.

Technical Characteristics

  • H.P. crankshaft pump with three ceramic pistons & nickel-plate forged brass head.
  • Automatic accelerator remote controlled from trigger gun.
  • Synchronous generator to power electronic equipment.
  • Double turn steel coil.
  • Pressure and steam phase regulation.
  • Built-in detergent tank.
  • Built-in diesel fuel tank.
  • Built-in water softener device with 2 litre tank.
  • Input water filter.
  • Steel load bearing structure designed to absorb all vibrations generated by the two cylinder engine.
  • Fixed frame mounted on skids for easy attachment to tow vehicle or similar.
  • Maximum soundproofing obtained through almost total closure of the machine, enabling insulation of most internal components.
  • Double exhaust with silencer.


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